December 04, 2019

IOA's New Executive Director Writes First Advocacy Article

On Monday, Bloomberg Law Insight published an article by IOA’s new Executive Director, Chuck Howard. In the piece, Howard explains how Organizational Ombuds programs can protect whistleblowers and help organizations by providing a safe and confidential resource to surface issues. The full article, "Avoid Being a Whistleblower With Safe Place Ombudsman Programs," is available online. (BLI.)

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  1. To be more precise, it's first thing he's written as ED. Chuck has written lots and lots of articles (even a book) in support of ombuds.
    Also, this is exactly the kind of thing we, as an association and profession, have been needing for a long time.
    -The Angry Ombuds

  2. excellent start to the new ED being a voice for organizational ombuds!! Yahoo