March 22, 2021

Job Posting Indicates Sandia National Labs Will Restart Ombuds Program

According to a recent job posting, the federal nuclear lab in New Mexico is hiring a Corporate Ombudsman. Sandia had an Ombuds program from 1992 until 2018, shortly after Honeywell International took over management duties. The job posting, which was open for just seven calendar days, sought an experienced Ombuds to set up and manage a program following IOA standards and reporting to the Executive Chief of Staff. The salary range is $39,300 to $104,600. (Lensa.)


  1. low starting salary and the cap might not attract the most qualified. Regardless, good for leadership to provide staff a resource for confidential guidance.

  2. 7-day window for a federal position = "we've already got somebody in mind, thanks."