March 17, 2021

Howard Gadlin to Lead Off Monthly Conversation Series at

The "world's leading mediation website," has announced a monthly conversation series with top mediators and conflict resolution experts. The online conversation start later this month and draws inspiration from 2020, book co-edited by Howard Gadlin and Nancy A. Welsh, Evolution of a Field: Personal Histories in Conflict Resolution. Gadlin and other contributors will be the panelists.

Here are the first nine scheduled conversations:
Howard Gadlin, “The accidental ombudsman,10am Pacific, March 25, 2021
Howard Gadlin retired in 2015 after 17 years as ombudsman and director of the Center for Cooperative Resolution at the National Institutes of Health, where he developed new approaches to addressing and preventing conflicts among scientists. In establishing the Gadlin Lecture Series in his honor, NIH officials noted Gadlin’s “big-picture approach” to ombuds work and said the lectures will “embody his ongoing commitment to scholarship, intellectual curiosity, creative problem-solving, and values of fairness and respect.” From 1992 through 1998, Howard was university ombudsperson and adjunct professor of education at the University of California at Los Angeles, where he was also director of the UCLA Conflict Mediation Program and co-director of the Center for the Study and Resolution of Interethnic/Interracial Conflict. While in Los Angeles, Howard also served as consulting ombudsman to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Before moving to Los Angeles, Gadlin was ombuds and professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Gadlin is past president of the University and College Ombuds Association and of The Ombudsman Association and past chair of the Coalition of Federal Ombudsman. An experienced mediator, trainer, and consultant, he has many years’ experience working with conflicts related to race, ethnicity, and gender, including sexual harassment, and is often called in as a consultant or mediator in “intractable” disputes. With colleagues he has written Collaboration and Team Science: A Field Guide (2nd ed., 2018), “The Welcome Letter: A Useful Tool for Laboratories and Teams,” and “Mediating Among Scientists: A Mental Model of Expert Practice.” He is the author of “Conflict Resolution, Cultural Differences, and the Culture of Racism,” “Mediating Sexual Harassment,” and “The Activist Ombudsman.”
Howard Bellman, “How I found my groove,” 10am Pacific, April 29, 2021
Bernie Mayer, “My life in community,” 10am Pacific, May 27, 2021
Lucy Moore, “Born to mediate,” 10am Pacific, June 24, 2021
Ian Macduff, “What am I doing here? Field notes on finding my way to mediation,” 3pm Pacific, July 29, 2021
Jacqueline N. Font-Guzmá, “A conflict counter-story: How a Puerto Rican woman ended up in a field dominated by Anglo men,” 10am Pacific, August 26
Andrea Schneider, “Bashert: How I found dispute resolution and it found me,” 10am Pacific, September 30
Peter Adler, “Wabi-sabi,” 10am Pacific, October 21
Lela Porter Love, “Mediation and my life: moments and movements,” 10am Pacific, November 24


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