March 18, 2021

Special Issue of JIOA Explores Gender Discrimination

The Journal of the International Ombudsman Association has released a "Special Issue on Sexual Harassment and Discrimination." Articles offer an unprecedended look at the confidential work of Ombuds on difficult cases of gender discrimination. Shereen Bingham, Professor Emeritus and former Director of Ombuds Services at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, was the the Guest Editor for this issue. 

Here are the articles:
"From the Editor: A Historical Note on the Special Issue on Sexual Harassment and Discrimination," Shannon Lynn Burton, Editor
"Ombuds Work on Sexual Harassment Cases: The Power of Our Stories," Shereen G. Bingham, Guest Editor
Abstract: As illustrated by the #MeToo movement, sexual harassment remains a significant problem in society. The ombuds is a valuable resource for addressing this concern. In this special issue of the JIOA, experienced organizational ombuds anonymously share narratives of assisting with sexual harassment cases while protecting the identities of their visitors and organizations. The stories illuminate the nature of sexual harassment situations, a range of ombuds practices, and the principles and reasoning that guide ombuds work.
"Tales From the Front Line of Ombuds Work: Handling Sexual Harassment Cases,"
Abstract: Twelve anonymous organizational ombuds tell true stories of their experiences assisting employees and students with sexual harassment concerns and reflect on their professional practices. The authors omit or alter unessential details to protect the identities and confidentiality of the people and organizations involved.

1. A Voice Rises Against Sexism

2. Supporting a Considered Response to Harassing Behaviour

3. When the End Is Not the End

4. You're Not Alone... Unless That's What You Want

5. Caveat Mentor

6. How Confidentiality and Integrity Ignited Ombuds Advocacy

7. Humility Helps in Maintaining Neutrality

8. Honoring Self-Determination Despite Moral Outrage

9. Cultural Dynamics in a Sexual Harassment Case

10. The Active Bystander

11. An Informal Approach to a Title IX Case

12. The Case That Changed Almost Everything

(JIOA 2021:2.)

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