September 11, 2009

University of North Texas Ombuds Launches Blog

Somehow, I overlooked the blog published by Belinda Newman, Ombuds at UNT, since December 2008. Newman shares her perspective on conflict resolution and avoidance in the workplace. Recent posts covered: Giving and Receiving Feedback; When Trust Is Broken; “Coaching” Yourself for (the Next) Promotion; and Focus on the Problem Not the Person. (UNT Ombuds Blog.)

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1 comment:

  1. Tom, I hastened to check this out to see if I could add a new ombuds blog to my ongoing project,, and was bummed out to discover that this isn't in fact a blog.

    It's no wonder you didn't spot it: it lacks an RSS feed. It's a regular HTML-based site instead of one built on blogging software like Moveable Type, Wordpress, or Blogger. (I'm sorry that I didn't spot it either, since one of the "posts" links to one of mine. If this had been a true blog, I would have been alerted through trackback. And I could have written a comment to say thanks!)

    I'd love Belinda to know about the benefits of turning that site into a real blog. Apart from the interactivity and two-way dialogue that blogging brings, a blog platform would boost her content's visibility on search engines helping her spread the news to a wider audience. And having a blog would bring her into a community of terrific bloggers like you and the rest of the great folks in the ADR blogosphere. Lots of us out here would be happy to help her, me included.

    Thanks for letting us know, Tom, about another great ombuds resource online.