August 17, 2012

Job Posting: Oakland Cannabis Dispensary

California's premier medical cannabis (but unnamed) dispensary is hiring an Ombuds Associate. According to a Craigslist posting, the position will, "Assist patients with orientation and or registration; manage phone line and patient intake. Provide information on policies and procedures and general information about cannabis laws and regulations as they apply. Act as a resource to assist patients with questions, concerns, special needs and activism activities." 

The fully licensed medical cannabis dispensary offers competitive hourly wage and benefits including, an Employee Assistance Program, Paid Time Off, 401k, an employee discount, health, dental and vision benefits. (SF bay area craigslist.)


1 comment:

  1. Duuuuuude! That's awesome.
    Not an Ombuds job, but awesome.
    -Angry Ombuds