April 19, 2012

David Yamada Posts Follow-Up to IOA Keynote

David Yamada opened the International Ombudsman Association's seventh annual conference with a keynote address on “Responding to Workplace Bullying: The Role of the Ombudsman.” Professor Yamada has posted link to an extended outline of his keynote address on his blog, Minding the Workplace.

In addition, Yamada provides links to other resources he mentioned in his address, including an article by Linda Hartling and Elizabeth Sparks on organizational cultures and the 2010 issue of the Journal of IOA, which was devoted to bullying issues.  Yamada also had kind words for IOA and Organizational Ombuds.
I’d like to thank the IOA and fellow attendees for this invitation and for their warm introduction to the organization. I regret that I was unable to stay for the entire conference, because I so enjoyed the day I was able to spend with them. Special thanks to ombuds Lisa Witzler, conference co-chair and my primary IOA liaison, for her guidance in preparing a talk that would be useful to IOA members.

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