April 23, 2012

ICANN Ombuds Recaps IOA Conference

Chris LaHatte, the Ombudsman for the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers, attended the recent International Ombudsman Association annual conference in Houston. He blogged about his experience, which seemed overall to be very positive: "The networks of friends and colleagues will be of huge advantage for peer support and understanding. All in all this was a most successful conference."

 I was personally interested to hear his recap of the Board's State of the Association presentation on the first day:
The next session was a discussion on the role of the Association. There is a tension between its role seen as primarily for organisational ombudsman and whether it truly can be called an international organisation, particularly reflecting on the small numbers of overseas members and attendees at the conference. There does seem to be a fairly common view that the association should primarily be for organisational ombudsman, but an equal number appeared to want to be more inclusive. In the previous year a motion to have classes of membership was defeated, and the board of the Association is continuing to consider appropriate ways to encourage membership but also to balance the classes of members and potential members.
Read the entire entry at LaHatte's blog. (ICANN Ombudsman Blog.)

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