April 10, 2012

UC San Francisco Surveys Visitors

The Office of the Ombuds for the University of California's medical campus has created a short survey to solicit feedback from visitors. The questionnaire is a one-page pdf that users print and return by mail. The survey uses a typical five-level Likert scale for these questions:

  • I was able to speak to someone/ schedule an appointment in a reasonable amount of time. 
  • The role of the Ombuds Office was clearly explained to me. 
  • The Ombuds Officer listened to my questions and concerns. 
  • I was treated respectfully and professionally by the Ombuds. 
  • The Ombuds Officer helped me identify and evaluate the options to address my concerns. 
  • I trust the Ombuds Officer to maintain confidentiality. 
  • I feel the Ombuds Officer did all s/he could to facilitate a fair process for the resolution of my dispute, conflict, or complaint. 
  • Regardless of the outcome of my situation, my experience with the Ombuds Office was helpful. 
  • I was satisfied with my overall experience with the Ombuds Officer. 
  • I would refer others to the Ombuds Office for help in resolving disputes, conflicts, or complaints.
In addition, visitors can add comments. In related news, the UCSF Ombuds, Randy Daron, announced the appointment of Ellen Goldstein, MA, as the new Associate Mediation and Group Facilitation Officer. (UCSF Ombuds Survey, Announcement.)

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