October 30, 2012

Job Posting: University of California, Davis

The only University of California campus that has not had an Ombuds program* has opened a search for a Campus Ombuds Program Manager. The new position will be responsible for establishing an office to serve 24,000 faculty and staff.  The UC Davis campus is located near the state capital and is the third largest by enrollment in the state-wide system. Davis drew national attention when a UC police officer pepper sprayed students protesting against tuition hikes.

Applicants should have a bachelor's degree or equivalent; Ombuds certification; and commensurate management, conflict resolution, and leadership knowledge and skills. The position pays $85,500-$154,000 per annum. Applications are due by November 16, 2012. (LinkedIn Jobs.)

* The HR department of the UC Davis health system has an "Ombuds Program," but it does not follow the practices of IOA or the other University of California Ombuds Offices.  UC Santa Cruz had an Ombuds Office for many years, but closed it this summer.

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