October 30, 2012

Texas A&M Engineering Appoints Faculty Ombuds

The Dwight Look College of Engineering, the largest Texas A&M college, has named Nancy M. Amato as its Faculty Ombudsman Officer. Amato reports to the Office of the Vice Chancellor & Dean and serves about 418 engineering faculty following IOA practices.

Amato is a professor of computer science and engineering at Texas A&M University where she co-directs the Parasol Lab and is a senior administrator for several other programs.  She graduated from Stanford University, and earned an MS from UC Berkeley, and PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has received numerous awards for research, teaching, and service, and serves on many editorial boards and professional committees.  Her main areas of research focus are motion planning and robotics, computational biology and geometry, and parallel and distributed computing.  (TAMU Engineering Ombuds; Faculty Bio.)

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