October 23, 2012

Korean Book Surveys Ombuds Field

A new book by Hee Eun Kang, 옴부즈만, 국민의 친구입니다 (Ombudsman, is a Friend of the People), provides an overview of Ombuds programs around the world. Kang is the Director of Systemic Investigation at Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission of South Korea and was a Fellow with the Iowa Office of Citizens’ Aide/Ombudsman from 2009 to 2011.  It appears that this is the first treatise about Ombuds written in Korean.

The book draws on Kang's professional experiences, but also looks more broadly at various types of Ombuds institutions in other countries.  Here are selections from the table of contents
Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Ombudsman's General Theory
Section 1 Ombudsman Iran?
Section 2 of the Ombudsman
1 Independence (Independence)
2 Impartiality (Impartiality)
3 Reliability (Credibility)
4 Confidentiality (Confidentiality) 
Section 3 Ombudsman Functions and Authority
1 Function
2 Power 
Section 4 Types of Ombudsman
1 Public sector legislation Ombudsman (Public Sector Legislative Ombudsman)
2 Public Sector Administration Ombudsman (Public Sector Executive Ombudsman)
3 Mix of public sector Ombudsman (Public Sector Hybrid Ombudsman)
4 Specialized Ombudsman Specialty Ombudsman
5 Administrative agency Executive Organizational Ombudsman (Ombudsman)
6 Public / private sector mix Ombudsman (Hybrid Public / Private Sector Ombudsman)
7 Self-regulatory ombudsman (Self-Regulatory Ombudsman)
8 Civilian ombudsman (Private Sector Organizational Ombudsman)
9 Workplace Ombudsman international organizations (International Organization Workplace Ombudsman)
10 Traditionally, international organizations (International Classical Ombudsman Ombudsman) 
Chapter 3 World Ombudsman
Section 1 Overview
Section 2 Public Sector
Section 3 Private Sector
1 Enterprise
2 University
3 Media Section
4 Ombudsman Relevant International Organizations
1 World Ombudsman Association (International Ombudsman Institute)
2 Asian Ombudsman Association (Asian Ombudsman Association) 
Chapter 4 of the Ombudsman
Section 1 Overview
Section 2 Federal Government Ombudsman
Section 3 Local Government Ombudsman
Section 4 United States Ombudsman Association

Chapter 5 Iowa Ombudsman 
Section 1 Established 
Section 2 Jurisdiction Statute 
Section 3 Features and Privileges 
Section 4 Organization, Budget, and Dismissed 
Section 5 Act Applies to the target discipline 
Section 6 Operating Performance 
Section 7 Principal Investigator Practices 
Section 8 Efficiency and Improve Customer Satisfaction 
Chapter 6 The Korean Ombudsman 
Section 1 Overview 
Section 2 The Central Government Ombudsman 
1 Civil Rights Commission (Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission) 
2 The National Human Rights Commission (National Human Rights Commission of Korea) 
3 Small Business Ombudsman (Small and Medium Business Ombudsman) 
4 DAPA Ombudsman Etc. 
Section 3 The Local Government Ombudsman 
1 Citizens Grievance Committee 
2 Seoul citizens audit Ombudsman 
3 Other Ombudsman 
Section 4 Public Institutions Ombudsman 
1 Korea Consumer Agency (Korea Consumer Agency) 
2 Foreign Investment Foreign Investment Ombudsman (Ombudsman) 
3 Etc. 

Section 5 Private Sector Ombudsman
Chapter 7 Civil Rights Commission 
Section 1 Established 
Section 2 Jurisdiction Statute 
1 Installation and Operation of the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission Act 
2 Whistle Blower Protection Act 
3 The Administrative Appeals 
4 Civil servants Code of Conduct 
Section 3 Features and Privileges 
1 Function Public Interest, the Act of Infringement Procedures for Receipt and Processing 
2 Power 
Section 4 Organization, Budget, and Dismissed 
1 Organization and Budget Local Counseling Center 
2 Dismissed and the Term of Office 
Section 5 Act Applies to the Target Discipline 
Section 6 Operating Performance 
Section 7 Main System to Improve Case 
Section 8 Administrative Rules to Improve

Chapter 8 The Ombudsman's Future 
Section 1 of the Ombudsman performance and Reflection Korean Rights, Remedies and Promoting Organizations
Section 2 Beyond the Ombudsman 
For now, the book (ISBN 9788997519125) is available only through Korean booksellers.  Kang also tweets and blogs about his current activities.  (ISBN Shop and Interpark Books [via Google Translate]; Iowa Citizens’ Aide/Ombudsman 2009 Annual Report; Twitter; Daum Blog.)

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