October 01, 2012

District of Columbia Bar Sponsors Program on Corporate Ombuds

The second largest bar association in the U.S. will offer a two-hour program on October 30, 2012: "The Role of Corporate Ombuds: An Organizational Partner for Risk Mitigation and Conflict Prevention."

Top level corporate litigators and ombuds explain how an Ombuds Office helps organizations manage legal and financial risk and reduce conflict in the workplace. Specific topics include how an Ombuds office can be used most effectively; the primary statutes that affect risk for corporations, such as whistleblower laws and sentencing guidelines; how an Ombuds can forestall the impact of those laws by encouraging employees to come forward with information; how an Ombuds privilege can be protected during litigation; and issues that should be considered when standing up an Office of the Ombuds for the first time.
James Hostetler, Managing Director of McBride Associates LLC, will moderate a panel including:
  • Patrick Gnazzo, Principal, Better Business Practices, LLC;
  • Susan Hackett, CEO and CLO, Legal Executive Leadership, LLC;
  • Charles Howard, Author: "The Organizational Ombudsman: Origins, Roles and Operations - A Legal Guide"; and
  • George Wratney, Former Corporate Ombudsman for United Technologies Corp., and Owner, Wratney Ombuds Concepts, Inc.
Although intended for members of the DC Bar, the event is open to the public for just $30.  (DC Bar Events.)

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  1. On Oct 2, the name of James Hostetler's firm was corrected.

  2. This program looks enormously interesting. All OOs might consider forwarding this notice to corporate attorneys they know. The panel includes very knowledgeable speakers. thanks Tom.