March 26, 2015

Ombuds at National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Publishes Public Report

Scott Deyo, the Ombudsman for the NGA, has released a summary of his work for the 20014 fiscal year. Deyo reported that 443 visitors came to his office in the twelve months that ended September 30, 2014, a 68% increase from the prior year. The report also announced the expansion of the office with the appointment of Guy Weber, as Associate Ombudsman at NGA Campus West.

The report indicates the locations of visitors and the types of questions, concerns, issues, and inquiries.  (NGA Ombuds 2014 Report.)

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  1. The NGA report for the fiscal year ending 2014 demonstrates the success and growth of its ombuds program, and the information is accessible in a way which can demonstrate to other organizations the value of instituting ombuds programs of their own. Beautiful report!