March 24, 2015

ENOHE Posts Agenda for 2015 Conference

The European Network of Ombudsmen in Higher Education has released details of its 12th annual conference set for May 28-30, 2015 in Innsbruck, Austria.  

Here is the agenda for: "Years of Solitude? University Ombudsmen‘s Pioneering Past, Confident Present, Challenging Future":

Thursday 28 May

Consecutive Plenary Presentations

  • Dr. Josef Hauser, ombudsman of the province of Tyrol: The Ombudsman of the Province of Tyrol as a Regional Ombudsman Institution
  • Dr. Josef Siegele, Secretary General of the European Ombudsman Institute: The European Ombudsman Institute as a Coordinating Institution for European Ombudsmen

Parallel Workshops

  • Workshop A: Josef Leidenfrost and Doris Kiendl-Wendner: The Deadly Sins in Dispute Resolution in Higher Education
  • Workshop B: Jenna Brown and Wolf Hertlein: Professional Development through Case Consultation

ENOHE Side Meeting

Friday 29 May

Welcome Addresses

  • Günther Platter, Governor of the Province of Tyrol
  • Herwig Van Staa, President of the Regional Parliament
  • Christine Oppitz-Plörer, Mayor of the City of Innsbruck
  • Roland Psenner, Vice Rector of the University of Innsbruck, representing the Tyrolian Hochschulkonferenz

Keynote Address

  • Elisabeth Freismuth: Autonomous University Authorities and Independent Student Ombudsmen – Cui bono?

Plenary 1 Looking back: Pioneering Past

  • Josef Leidenfrost (on Europe)
  • Marta Elena Alonso de la Varga (on Spain)
  • Jenna Brown (on the US)
  • Martine Conway (on Canada)
  • Patricia Begne (on Mexico)

Parallel Sessions 1 – Confident Present
Session A
  • Jenna Brown and Jim Wohl: The Organisational Ombudsman in Higher Education: An Approach to assist Individuals AND Institutions from within the University
  • Nathalie Podda: Annual Reporting with CRM ® Database Software: Change Management from Theory To Practice
Session B
  • Anna Cybulko: The Status of Ombudsmen in Polish Higher Education
  • Marianne Høva Rustberggard: The Ombudsmen Concept in Northern European Higher Education - A Scandinavian Tale

Parallel Sessions 2 – Confident Present
Session C
  • Josef Leidenfrost and Marta Elena Alonso de la Varga: We don’t need no Codification! How do Standards for Ombudsman Offices influence our Futures?
  • Irene Berkel: Step One: Negative Press; Step Two: Faculty Ombudspersons?; Step Three: Peaceful Coexistence
Session D
  • Nathalie Depoorter: Best practice: A Case Study
  • Jean Grier: Fit to study? Policy Interventions to Handle Problem Cases
Parallel Sessions 3: Confident Present
Session E
  • Mathieu Heemelaar: Solitude in Staff-Ombudsman’s Land
  • Elisabeth Rieder and Maria De Pellegrin: Can Diversity Really be Managed? Students with Special Needs as Ombudsmen’s Clients
Session F
  • Ram Gidoomal: Effective Governance of Ombudsman Schemes: Nose in – Fingers out 
  • A Representative of the European Student Union: From Bologna 1999 to Erewan 2015 to Paris 2018 – Milestones on the way to the European Higher Education Area
Gala Dinner

Saturday 30 May

Parallel Sessions 4 – Challenging Future Part One
Session G
  • Patrizia Jankovic and Patricia Begne: Complaints and Appeals for Researchers - The Role of „Ombudsman-Type Persons“: Fiction versus Reality
Session H
  • Marco Dworschak: Mediation from Students for Students: The Dworschak Paradoxon
  • Linda Watson: The (Mis)Use of Social Media: The UWS Experience
Parallel Sessions 5 – Challenging Future Part Two
Session I
  • Deborah Peach: Expanding the Activity of the Student Ombudsman: An Emerging Model of Service Delivery
  • Natalie Sharpe: Transition to Student Internships
Session J
  • Patty Kamvounias: Assessing the impact of parliamentary ombudsmen on administrative decisions in Australian universities
  • Rob Behrens: My Correct Predictions about Everything - a Modest Rejoinder
Plenary 2 Concluding Session: What we have learned

Closing Lunch

(ENOHE 2015 Agenda.)

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