March 24, 2015

Rice University Faculty Seek Appointment of Ombuds

The Rice Faculty Senate has endorsed the findings of a working group regarding the creation of an Ombuds program. The working group made three recommendations: 1. That an Ombuds position be established for the Rice faculty; 2. That the Faculty Senate be involved in the hiring and periodic review of the Ombuds; and 3. That the Ombuds report to the University President. 

 The work group was formed in September 2014 and provided a review of internal and external resources. The group interviewed several university Ombuds, including Toni Robinson at MIT; Irwin Weil at Northwestern; Ruth Kohorn Rosenberg at Brown; and Jeffrey R. Dawson at Duke. The Faculty Senate is expected to invite one or more Ombuds from other institutions to Rice to share their insights and to form another committee to consultat with the President to work out the nuts and bolts of implementation. (Rice Faculty Senate.)


  1. Dear Colleagues, has the Ombuds been appointed? Thanks so much, Tani Barlow, Chao Professor of Asian Studies

    1. I do not believe one has.

    2. Hi it turns out that there was an appointment. I'm so confused. I thought you guys were the authorities. Now I wonder where I can find the list of particulars or job definition for our Ombsuds. Thanks! Tani Barlow