November 04, 2015

ABA Labor and Employment Law Conference to Feature Ombuds

Two Ombuds will speak at the American's Bar Association's Ninth Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference in Philadelphia, November 4-7, 2015. Scott M. Deyo, Ombuds at the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency and Chair of the Coalition of Federal Ombudsman, and Kevin Jessar, Corporate Ombudsman at the American Red Cross, will present "What You Should Know About Ombuds" along with Michael J. Wolf, of the Federal Labor Relations Authority.

Here's the conference description: 
Most ombuds who specialize in workplace matters regularly provide ADR services concerning employment issues and sometimes labor issues. Workplace ombuds’ distinguishing characteristic is that they are employed by organizations that usually have a stake in the outcome. Lately, we have seen greater overlap between the roles of ombuds and other workplace ADR practitioners. This panel will discuss what we need to know about ombuds, their activities and how they relate to other types of ADR practitioners and to party advocates in the labor and employment law community. What issues arise concerning their independence, neutrality, confidentiality and impartiality? Are ombuds and labor unions compatible? This session will emphasize the federal sector, but session participants will find it particularly applicable to private sector and public sector workplaces as well. 
An excellent paper by Deyo and Jessar is already available online. (ABA L&E Conf Info; "Applying the Ombuds Role to Your Organization.") 

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