November 17, 2015

OMV Petrom Hosts European Ombuds Meeting

OMV Petrom’s Organizational Ombudsman hosted the second annual European Ombudsman Meeting in Bucharest, on October 27-28, 2015. The meeting reunited 20 Ombuds from all over Europe including the United Nations, International Committee of the Red Cross, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Mars Incorporated, Novo Nordisk and United Technologies Corporation.

The European Ombudsmen Meeting is held bi-annually in different European cities and brings together Ombuds from companies and international bodies in the region, in order to encourage knowledge sharing and exchange of best practices. OMV Ombuds Doriana Cojocaru reports:
The event started with a presentation regarding OMV Petrom’s strategy, delivered by the CEO of the company, who entered into dialogue with the participants. Discussions and debates continued in four workshops, during which it became clear that the Ombudsman office should strive to become the driver of change in all that has to do with organizational behaviour. The event was a high success, being appreciated by all participants, while the organizer, PetrOmbudsman, was commended for facilitating “a well-structured and focused event, which added value for everybody”. Given that the PetrOmbudsman program in OMV Petrom has only been functioning for 1,5 years and is one of the youngest projects in the field, the high level of professionalism achieved in such a short period of time was applauded.
She also provided pictures from the meeting.

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