August 28, 2017

IOA Brings Range of Training Programs to Baltimore

The International Ombudsman Association expands its selection of training programs with five courses in Baltimore, MD in late October 2017.  The offerings are aimed at novice and experienced Organizational Ombuds, but are open to the public.

Three-Day Course
October 23-25

Foundations of Organizational Ombudsman Practice
This course covers the fundamentals of the organizational ombudsman role. It provides basic information and training for the organizational ombudsman by emphasizing the principles of confidentiality, neutrality, independence, and informality.
The course will benefit the recently-appointed ombudsman, individuals interested in becoming an ombudsman, or anyone desiring to establish an ombudsman function in industry, government, higher education, and public or private social services agencies.

Faculty: Lauren Bloom, UC Davis; Wayne Blair, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Tom Kosakowski, UCLA; Donna Louden, National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Two-Day Course
October 26-27

Mediation Theory and Skills for the Organizational Ombudsman
This mediation course is designed to provide a theoretical and practical overview of the formal mediation process and mediator skills as they relate to an ombudsperson’s practice.
Prerequisites: The course is designed for ombuds professionals who have completed IOA’s Foundations of Organizational Ombudsman Practice course and have less than 20 hours of mediation training.
Faculty: Melissa Brodrick, Harvard Medical School. 

Half-Day Courses
October 26

Helping People Get Unstuck: Mindsets that Generate Responsibility and Possibility
Sometimes visitors to the ombuds are stuck and it can be difficult to find a helpful path forward. This workshop introduces several core mindsets that help break through ‘stuckness’ and support visitors to move toward solutions, while promoting personal responsibility and satisfaction. [...] We will pay special attention to two key mindsets — the “player” mindset and the “learner” mindset — and will demonstrate how they can be used to help “get unstuck” and empower people to move forward. 
Faculty: Andrew Cohn, Lighthouse Consulting, LLC 


Faciltiation Skills for Working with Groups
Ombuds can play a significant role in working with groups to identify and address issues that might undermine their group functioning. Having a fundamental understanding of group facilitation skills and principles of group dynamics can enhance the ombuds’ ability to support issue identification, group problem-solving, structured dialogue and meeting management. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn basic group facilitation skills and explore group-related topics. 
Faculty: Howard Gadlin, [retired] National Institutes of Health; Tyler Smith, National Institutes of Health

Full-Day Course 
October 27

“Listening For” – Advanced Listening Skills Using the Nonviolent Communication Framework
Are you a really good listener? How do you know? In this interactive workshop, explore the idea of “listening for”. Clarify the value of different types and levels of listening to improve your visitors’ satisfaction. Integrate the art and timing of question-asking into deep listening. Explore the usefulness of the Nonviolent Communication model for an ombuds. In this workshop, participants will practice different types of listening to integrate advanced listening skills into their current style. 
Faculty: Rita Callan, National Institutes of Health 
The training will take place at the Lord Baltimore Hotel. (IOA Training Info; IOA Baltimore Brochure.)

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