August 11, 2017

Job Posting: State of Virginia

Virginia's Department of Human Resource Management, Office of Equal Employment and Dispute Resolution is hiring a Workplace Conflict Specialist. As part of the Workplace Conflict Consultation and Mediation Program, the position provides early intervention services, including mediation, training, consultation, coaching, facilitation, investigation, and/or other related services as needed. The entry-level job is located in Richmond. 

Applicants must have, "considerable knowledge of alternative dispute resolution methods, and best practices in employment relations and dispute resolution [and] experience and/or demonstrated ability to develop and deliver early intervention services and initiatives (e.g., mediation, conflict management training, consultations)." A bachelor's (or higher) degree and relevant certification (including Ombuds) are preferred. The job pays $43,892-$65,000 and applications are due by August 18, 2017.  (VA Jobs.)


  1. So, not an ombuds job per se?
    -Angry Ombuds

    1. It's Ombuds-ish.
      And, as you've noted, it's a slow time for Ombuds news.