August 01, 2017

Job Posting: University of Nevada Las Vegas

Nevada's largest university has opened an internal search for its second-ever Ombudsperson. The full-time position serves about 32,000 faculty, students and staff, and follows IOA Standards of Practice.  The UNLV Ombuds reports to the University President.

Applicants must be an UNLV employee with some conflict resolution experience and a bachelor's degree.  Experience as an Organizational Ombuds or similar rose and an advanced degree are preferred.  No application deadline or salary indicated.  (HigherEdJobs.)

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  1. With these requirements, the potential pool of applicants is certainly very small. UNLV has only 3,000 faculty and staff. How many have ADR experience, let alone Ombuds work and an advanced degree. And why advertise an internal search on a public job board?
    So many questions...

    1. Probably already has someone in mind to post such a narrow ("some" conflict resolution experience) search.

  2. From the posting:

    "Preferred Qualifications:
    Thorough understanding of UNLV Bylaws, and NRS, NAC, NSHE and UNLV systems and policies. Experience as an organizational Ombuds, impartial dispute resolution handler, or in closely related role. Five or more years of related professional experience. Earned terminal degree (e.g., Ph.D., J.D.) from an accredited college or university."

    For what it is worth, a JD is NOT a terminal degree. A JD is a first professional degree; were it not, it would not be possible to earn a LLM, which has a JD as a prerequisite.

    My guess is that there is an attorney that they want for the job.