August 18, 2017

American Bar Association Discounts Membership for Ombuds

The American Bar Association is offering a discounted membership to all Ombuds in North American who are already members of the International Ombudsman Association, U.S. Ombudsman Association, Coalition of Federal Ombuds, Forum of Canadian Ombudsman, or the Association of Canadian College and University Ombudspersons.  The fee of $140 includes both the ABA membership of $95 and Dispute Resolution Section dues of $45.
The ABA announcement states:
The American Bar Association (ABA) Ombuds Committee has recently received approval from ABA to offer a discounted membership to all Ombuds in the U.S. and Canada that are members in good standing of their primary Ombuds organizations (IOA, USOA, CoFO, CFO, AUCCO.)
Part of our mission is to provide a resource for Ombuds to use in broadening their networks, publishing articles and becoming more aware and involved in the diversity of activities occurring in the Ombuds and Dispute Resolution worlds as a whole. The ABA Ombuds Committee welcomes any ombuds wanting to learn about their projects to attend their monthly committee meetings once you join.
We welcome Classical, Executive, Organizational, Advocate, and other Ombuds in the Federal, State, Corporate, and Academic Sectors. Our ability to do this is because our work falls under the ABA category that allows for Group rates.
Our NEW MEMBERSHIP OFFERING gives you a one-year associate membership to the ABA, newsletters, journal, website and to the Dispute Resolution (DR) Section and Ombuds Committee The program will be administered by the ABA Ombuds Committee. Barbara Beatty, an Organizational Ombuds, Academic Sector, will be administering the program. Please contact her with any specific questions or concerns about this opportunity.
Contact Barb Beatty for more information, 208.885.7668
The typical membership for attorneys ranges from $120-$266 per year before section fees.  (ABA Ombuds Offer.)

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