August 09, 2018

Job Posting: Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts

The federal court system has responded quickly to a directive by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts' to address sexual harassment. The newly-created position of Judicial Integrity Officer is very much like an Ombuds. (The Senate Judiciary Committee did hear testimony promoting an Ombuds for this role.) According to the job description, the JIO will oversee the national Office of Judicial Integrity:

Provide confidential and informal assistance to judiciary employees, judges, and high-level officials on workplace conduct matters. The JIO is neither an advocate for any individual nor the judiciary, but rather is an advocate for fairness, who acts as a source of information and referral, and aids in answering individual's questions, and assists in the resolution of concerns and critical situations. The JIO advises on conflict resolution and mediation services, and provides expert guidance on the formal complaint processes. The office supplements, but does not replace, the Judicial Conference, Circuit Council, local court, and defender office resources for formal conflict resolution.
Applicants must be familiar with relevant ADR and HR laws and policies, and have facilitation/mediation experience. Applicants with a JD or Masters in a related field are highly preferred. The position pays $184,392 to $204,880 per year and applications are due by September 7, 2018. (USA Jobs; see also Washington PostAbove the Law, Report of the Federal Judiciary Workplace Conduct Working Group.)

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