August 01, 2018

The Scripps Research Institute Creates Ombuds Program

The bio-medical research facility based in San Diego, California has named L. Reuben Mitchell as its first Ombuds. A website for the TSRI Ombuds Office went up this week, but Mitchell's LinkedIn profile indicates that he's held the position since October 2017. As Ombuds, Mitchell works with 2,400 scientists, technicians, graduate students, administrators, and other staff, at 250 labs. He practices to typical Organizational Ombuds standards and reports to the EVP for Research and Academic Affairs. 

Mitchell also serves as TSRI's Director of Employee Development in 2008. Prior to joining TSRI, he was an Assistant Provost at the University of San Diego. Mitchell earned his master's at Azusa Pacific University. (TSRI Ombuds; LinkedIn.)

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