September 10, 2019

Global Game Jam has an Ombuds

The world's largest game creation event has an Ombuds for participants with concerns about unacceptable behaviors. GGJ involves thousands of participants worldwide: In January 2019, there were teams at 860 sites in 113 countries, who over the course of one weekend created 9,010 games. The next GGJ is set for January 31 - February 2, 2020. It appears that the Ombuds was established earlier this year.

The Global Game Jam Ombuds is identified in the organization's Inclusiveness Policy and Code of Conduct. However, neither the standards for the Ombuds program or the individuals serving as Ombuds are identified. The GGJ Ombuds has not responded to an email requesting more information. (GGJ Inclusiveness Policy and Code of Conduct.)

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