September 12, 2019

Marquette University Shuts Down Ombuds Office

The Office of the Ombuds at Marquette University closed last Friday, September 6, 2019.  The office, which opened in 2002, served faculty and staff.  The closing affects Kerry Egdorf, who served as the Ombuds for 12 years.  No explanation was given for the closing; however, the position was one of 24 jobs eliminated last week. 

Egdorf is well-known in the Organizational Ombuds field. She is a frequent speaker at national conferences and has hosted the Summer Meeting of Academic Ombuds. Egdorf as been an active volunteer with the International Ombudsman Association and is currently service a second term on the Board of Directors. For now, she continues as an Assistant Professor of Practice at Marquette.

Update 10/1/19: (Marquette Wire.)

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