September 16, 2019

León Declaration Joins Five Ombuds Networks in Collaboration

At the European Network of Ombudsmen in Higher Education's 15th annual meeting in June 2019, representatives from five networks of Ombuds in higher education in Spain, Portugal, Canada, Latin America, and Europe agreed to increase joint cooperation. 

Under the León Declaration, the organizations agreed to: identify areas of common interests; establish a public electronic forum; encourage each other to participate in respective network activities; and support each other in developing and safeguarding the networks. The document was endorsed by:
  • Emilio Olias-Ruiz, CEDU - Conferencia Estatal de Defensores Universitarios;
  • Berta Batista, REDEPEES – Rede National de Provedores do Estudante do Ensino Superior;
  • Wilfredo Jesus Ardito Vega, RIiDDU - Red Iberoamericana de Defensorías Universitarias;
  • Natalie Sharpe, ACCUO/AOUCC - Association of Canadian College and University Ombudspersons / Association des Ombudsmans des Universités et Collèges du Canada; and
  • Josef Leidenfrost, ENOHE – European Network of Ombuds in Higher Education.
The document is the first official document of ENOHE ever issued identically in four languages, namely in English, in Spanish, in Portuguese and in French. ENOHE's next conference and general assembly will be held in Athens in May 2020. (León Declaration.)


  1. Remember way back to 2000 when the UCOA, TOA, ACCUO/AOUCC (and maybe SPDR ((now ACR))) held a joint meeting in San Francisco? Its time to do this again and involve the Mexican and Latin American ombuds too.

    1. I completely agree! A joint conference could provide some economies of scale and many less tangible benefits for the profession, association, and practitioners.