December 18, 2020

New Book by Howard Gadlin on the History of Conflict Resolution

Howard Gadlin and Nancy A. Welsh are the editors of a new book, Evolution of a Field: Personal Histories in Conflict Resolution. "This book draws on the thought-provoking, diverse, delightful, sometimes painful, and ultimately beautiful personal histories of some of the thinkers, inventors, influencers, reformers, disrupters, and transformers who have created—and continue to create—the field of conflict resolution." Gadlin was the Ombuds for the National Institutes of Health and retired in 2015. Welsh is the former Chair of the the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution and who was instrumental in the adoption of the ABA's resolution in support of Ombuds programs in 2017.

In addition to Gadlin (who worked at UMass Amherst, UCLA, and the NIH), contributing authors include Ombuds Geetha Ravindra (UN), and Johnston Barkat (Pace University and UN). The book is now available from Amazon, where it is currently the #1 new release in the Alternative Dispute Resolution category. (Amazon.)

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