September 13, 2022

FEBS Letters: Ombuds Have Role in Mitigating Academic Bullying

Last week, FEBS Letters (an imprint of the not-for-profit Federation of European Biochemical Societies) featured an article on "The potential role of an Ombuds Office in addressing academic bullying concerns." The author, Morteza Mahmoudi, is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Radiology and Precision Health Program at Michigan State University. He urges his colleagues to consult an Ombuds when experiencing academic bullying. 

Here's an abstract of the article: 
Colleges and universities are the main stakeholders in addressing academic bullying. To help address a variety of concerns on campus, including academic bullying, many colleges and universities have established organizational Ombuds Offices as a place to bring any issue affecting one's work or studies. This article considers the role of Ombuds Offices in addressing the issue of academic bullying. 

This is Mahmoudi's third article promoting Ombuds in a scientific journal. 

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