September 06, 2022

University of Missouri–St. Louis Tests Ombuds for Staff

The public university in St. Louis, Missouri, has selected Marlo Goldstein Hode as its first Staff Ombuds. (The university does not have analogs for students or faculty.) As the acting Ombuds, she will provide an resource for about 1,000 UMSL employees for the 2022-23 academic year. Hode comes to the position after about two years as the university's Senior Manager for Strategic Diversity Initiatives. 

Hode brings more than two decades of experience to this new role. She has worked as Academic Director for the Association of College and University Educators, Associate Director of Professional Development and Diversity Manager for the University of Missouri-Columbia, University of Missouri-Columbia, Diversity Education and Research Specialist for the University of Missouri System, Training Consultant for the Anti-Defamation League, and Group Facilitator for the Diversity Awareness Partnership. She graduated from North Carolina State University, and earned an MA at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, and PhD and LLM at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Hode is also active on IOA's Professional Development Committee. (UMSL Staff Ombuds; LinkedIn.)

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