September 23, 2022

ABA Sets 2022 Ombuds Day Panels

he American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution (ABA DR) has announced the panelists for Ombuds Day on October 13, 2022. ABA DR will present two sessions featuring a range of Ombuds practitioners: 

Pathways to Ombudsing: A Discussion About Who We Are and
the Future of the Ombuds Profession
Live Webinar 1:00 – 2:30 pm ET 

A discussion about who, how, and why people join the ombuds field. The discussion will feature speakers representing various sectors of ombuds, including governmental, long-term care, and organizational practitioners. This webinar will serve as a resource for practicing ombuds to consider their own trajectories, aspiring ombuds who are interested in pathways into the profession, as well as the field as a whole - including professional organizations - to consider how we are training and equipping people for this complex and highly important role. The webinar will be recorded and later made available for registrants to watch on-demand for up to one year. 
Moderator: Herschenia Brown, In Agreement Dispute Resolution 
Panelists: Alicia Booker, Baylor College of Medicine; Andrea Brown, USPTO Office of the Ombudsman; Amanda Dean, Austin Community College (ACC);  Elizabeth Hill, University of Colorado Boulder;  Salli Pung, Michigan Long Term Care Ombudsman Program; Natalie Sharpe, University of Alberta; Margie Sollinger, City of Portland, Oregon 

The Making of an Ombuds
Live Video Airing 2:45 pm ET 

Meet different types of ombuds from around the world and hear how they paved their own unique pathways to ombudsing. After the live airing, the video will be available for registrants to watch on-demand for up to one year. 
Featuring: Rob Behrens, Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman (UK);  Danee Garone, Arizona Ombudsman Citizens Aide; Donna Douglas Willams, Pinterest; Zetu Makamandela-Mguqulwa, Consulting Ombud (South Africa);  Kira Nurieli, Outsourced Ombuds; Arielle Patno, FDA; Doe Schwab, LTC Ombudsman Oklahoma


  1. how do we register for the sessions and what is the registration fee?

    1. Follow the link in the parentheses are the end of the post to register. The event is free.