September 19, 2022

University Ombuds Remains a Goal for Faculty and Students at Yale

Proposals for the creation of a University Ombuds are on the agendas for Yale's Faculty of Arts and Sciences Senate and Graduate Students Association this year. Faculty and student remain frustrated in their efforts, despite a recommendation by the Advisory Committee on Campus Climate in 2001. Jill Campbell, English professor and former FAS Senate, explained to the Yale Daily News, “Yale wants you, the individual, to navigate all the very complicated and localized different kinds of offices and officers to figure out exactly where that individual should go. They resist the idea that … someone struggling might need help in finding the right place to go, or even talking over the risks and ramifications of going to talk to that person.” Yale remains the only Ivy League school without a university-wide Ombuds program. (Yale Daily News.)

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  1. Can’t figure out the obstacle here - President? General Counsel? This has been an ongoing effort.

    1. At one point it was the president, but he's gone now. Clearly, there are other people in power who are still opposed to the idea.