September 20, 2022

IOA Steps Up Federal Lobbying Efforts

Last week, Ellen Miller, the Executive Director of the International Ombuds Association, updated the membership on the organization's advocacy efforts with the federal government. IOA has retained a lobbying firm (not named) in order to educate legislators about the role of Ombuds. 

Miller provided this summary for the IOA Independent Voice:
IOA filed comments with the US Department of Education on their proposed amendments to Title IX this week. Phase 2 of our advocacy efforts to advance Organizational Ombuds will begin next week when we start meeting with US federal lawmakers. IOA retained a D.C. lobbying firm to help inform our strategy. Our goal is to educate key members of the US House and Senate about Organizational Ombuds generally, the role you play in the campus security landscape and why confidentiality is critical to your work.
(Independent Voice [internal links omitted].)

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