January 23, 2024

Job Posting: Brookhaven National Lab

The U.S. Department of Energy laboratory located in Long Island, New York, is seeking its next Ombudsperson. (Susan Foster has served in the position since 2011.) The position serves all members of the Lab community, including employees, joint appointments from many universities, guests, and other onsite users. The full-time position reports to the Lab Director. 

Applications must have a relevant Bachelor’s degree and at least ten years of relevant experience. An advanced degree and/or certification in conflict resolution are preferred. The full salary range for this position is $121,700 to $194,250 per year. No closing date indicated. (BNL Jobs; LinkedIn.)


  1. It is unfortunate that the Ombuds is required to maintain permanent records with individual names or issues in imminent physical harm, a violation of Title VII, sexual harassment, a violation of law, DOE Order, policy or regulations exist.

    1. This is not a typical practice for Ombuds at national labs. I could imagine that the next Ombuds could make some changes.

  2. @ Tom: One would hope, or use guerrilla tactics like our colleague in Mississippi described at Cal Caucus a few years back.