January 10, 2024

Job Re-Posting: Colorado State University

The public land-grant university in Fort Collins has reopened its search for two Assistant Directors of Conflict Resolution Services. The positions manages voluntary, neutral, confidential, and informal conflict resolution programs for 33,000 students. The roles will be delegated to two areas: Campus Communities (supporting on-campus communities such as University Housing and student organizations) and Academic Life (conflicts related to the student academic experience). The university hopes to fill the hybrid-eligible positions by February 26, 2024.

The job requirements have not changed significantly. Applicants must have a Master's degree in conflict resolution or related field, two years of professional experience providing conflict resolution processes (including Ombuds work); and public speaking experience. Preferred qualifications include mediation training or experience, conflict coaching training, restorative justice experience, and experience in higher education. The posted salary range is the same, $64,000-$70,000, but CSU is now offering a potential $2,500 signing bonus. Applications are due by January 17, 2024. (CSU Posting.)


  1. At my small Midwestern town condo complex with 26 individual units (apartments, not buildings) the person who sweeps/ lawn blows the walkways, cuts the small lawn, and picks up parking lot litter gets a bade salary of $52,000/ year plus overtime.

  2. Not a fan of the multiple comments recently that seem to compare salaries to folks in other fields in a way that feels mildly disparaging and disrespectful, at best. I deeply believe anyone can make an argument about ombuds salaries in better, more thoughtful ways.