January 31, 2024

Job Posting: Queen's University

The public research university in Kingston, Ontario, is seeking its next University Ombudsperson. The position leads an office which provide services to nearly 45,000 students, staff, and faculty. The position reports to the Board of Trustees with oversight by the University Culture Committee and Faculty Senate. The search will fill a position held by Lavonne Hood since 2019. (She moved to a DEI position at Queen's last summer.) Meanwhile, Heather Trojek, who joined the office in December 2022, has been promoted to Interim University Ombudsperson.

Applicants must have an advanced degree and at least ten years of professional experience. The position pays $114,660 to $156,990 CAD and applications are due by February 19, 2024. (Queen's Posting; Queen's Ombuds; LinkedIn.)

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  1. Given Heathers excellent background and the fact that she is interim, I believe this posting is just a formality. Congrats Heather.