January 31, 2024

College of Charleston Ombuds Retires

Evie Nadel, who has been the Ombudsperson for South Carolina's oldest public university, retired recently. Nadel had worked for CofC for two decades, initially as Director of Community Relations and then in 2018. During her tenure, the university removed the Ombuds' collateral duties. There has not yet been an announcement regarding the future of the Ombuds program. (CofC Today.)


  1. For most higher-ed positions, someone announces that they plan to retire some months, often a year in advance, and the institution begins a search. That way, there is a seemless, or close to, transition. Why is it that with so many institutions when the ombuds leaves the institutions act like the police captain, Louie, in Casablanca: they are shocked? Shocked! Then they take an extended period to figure out "how to move forward."

    1. I think we all know why. :-(