January 30, 2024

University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Debuts Ombuds Program

The scientific research center within the University System of Maryland has created an Ombuds program for its 300-500 employees. UMCES has contracted with the McCammon Group, an ADR consulting business headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. Jacqueline Villafañe and Tahirih Varner are the inaugural, part-time Ombuds and will practice to IOA standards. 

Villafane was the Corporate Ombuds for the American Red Cross and has served on the IOA Board of Directors since 2021. Varner has been an Ombuds for Georgia State University, the University of West Georgia, and currently the U.S. Department of the Interior. (UCES Ombuds; Villafane Linkedin; Varner LinkedIn.)

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