November 14, 2016

Chat With Ombuds at North Carolina State University

The Provost at NCSU has posted an interview with the Student Ombuds, Michael Giancola, Faculty Ombuds, Roy Baroff.  They talk about the importance of Ombuds services to the campus and how they work with constituents.   A comment on the posting, reveals that the university will launch an Ombuds program for staff in 2017.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

What is something that many people may not know about what an ombuds does?

RB: One thing that I want people to understand is that we provide support, but not advocacy for one person or side over another. We want to do our best to remain impartial and follow best practices for working through issues. In addition, the Faculty Ombuds Office has been set up so that I am not a university employee. I do this as a part-time contract. I have a nearly 30-year legal career, and I am a professional mediator and arbitrator. I have also taught at area colleges and universities. Due to the nature of my position and experience, I can provide an additional perspective on handling issues.

MG: When students come to see me, I want them to know that they have an opportunity to explore all sides of an issue in a safe, non-judgmental environment. I am not an advocate for any specific student, but I am an advocate for fair process. My role is to listen for examples of where an unfair process is in play, or where the university may not be following a stated regulation or policy. More broadly, I look at where there are systemic barriers to student success. Our job is not to necessarily solve issues, but to help alert campus leaders to a situation so they can address the issue. We align with the university’s goal of promoting student success and help to remove barriers to that success.
(NCSU Provost News.)

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