November 23, 2016

The Broader View of Ombuds in Public Schools

The Fall 2016 issue of the American Bar Association's Dispute Resolution Magazine features an article by Charles ("Chuck") Howard.  "A Broader View of Dispute Resolution" provides context for a new initiative of the ABA Dispute Resolution Section's Ombuds Committee: spotlighting the potential for Ombuds programs in public school systems.  

Here's a short excerpt:
Our public K-12 school systems are a great example of both the need for and the possible opportunities provided by an effective ombuds program. As most of us know all too well, conflicts between parents and school administrators abound, but the traditional means of resolving these disputes, whether through litigation or administrative complaint processes, can be expensive, time-consuming, adversarial, and inflexible for everyone involved. Many disputes take months, or even years, to resolve through formal channels.
* * *
School systems are just one arena where ombuds programs are a valuable resource, and in our increasingly complex and frequently global society, there are many more.
(ABA DRS Magazine.)

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  1. This is a timely and informative article from an experienced and insightful perspective. Sharing the ABA DRS link that you posted is a great way to foster interest in our rapidly developing profession. Thanks to you and Chuck!