November 30, 2016

ENOHE Posts Report from 2015 Conference

The European Network of Ombudsmen in Higher Education has published a recap of its annual meeting which took place May 28-30, 2015 in Innsbruck, Austria. Jean Grier (Investigations Manager at the University of Edinburgh), Jim Wohl (University Ombudsman at the University of Connecticut), and Josef Leidenfrost (Austrian Student Ombudsman and ENOHE President) edited the conference report.

The contents include:

  • Clarity of Terminology -- "What is common to all within the ENOHE family [Which is now much more than European] is a desire to see disputes within universities resolved as fairly, effectively and respectfully as possible."
  • Opening Plenary Presentations – and the ‘Pioneering Past’ -- With welcoming remarks by Josef Leidenfrost, Austrian Student Ombudsman; Dr Josef Hauser, The Ombudsman of the Province of Tyrol, and Dr Josef Siegele, Secretary General of the European Ombudsman Institute. In addition, a historical view was provided by Marta Elena Alonso de la Varga (Spain), Patricia Begne (Mexico), Jenna Brown (USA), Martine Conway (Canada) and Josef Leidenfrost (Austria)
  • Who Are We, and What Do We Do? -- A workshop by Jenna Brown (USA) and Wolf Hertlein (Germany).
  • The Deadly Sins in Dispute Resolution in Higher Education -- A workshop by Josef Leidenfrost (Austria) and Doris Kiendl-Wendner (Austria)
  • The ‘Confident Present’ -- Six sessions with presentations by Marianne Hova Rustberggard (Norway); Josef Leidenfrost (Austria) and Marta Elena Alonso de la Varga (Spain); Mathieu Heemelaar (Netherlands); Anna Cybulko (Poland); Ram Gidoomal (England and Wales, UK); Karolina Pietkiewicz (Poland); Jenna Brown (USA), Jim Wohl (USA) and Rob Behrens (England and Wales, UK); Irene Berkel (Austria); Nathalie Depoorter (Belgium); Jean Grier (Scotland, UK); Maria de Pellegrin and Elisabeth Rieder (Austria); and Nathalie Podda (Austria)
  • The ‘Challenging Future’ -- Eight presentations by Patrizia Jankovic (Austria); Patricia Begne (Mexico); Marco Dworschak (Austria); Ann Lee (England and Wales, UK); Deborah Peach (Australia); Natalie Sharpe (Canada); Patty Kamvounias (Australia); and Rob Behrens (England and Wales, UK)
  • Conference Conclusion: A Provocative Second Plenary and the Innsbruck Descriptors -- The session that explored the tension between confidentiality and transparency moderated by Rob Behrens (England and Wales, UK)
  • Annex 1 - The Innsbruck Descriptors
  • Annex 2 - Autonomous Universities and Independent Ombudsmen: Does it Work? Does it Really Work? Can that Work? -- An address by Elisabeth Freismuth (Austria)
  • Annex 3 - Abbreviations
  • Annex 4 - Speaker Biographies

The report is an excellent summary of the current status of University Ombuds and their analogs throughout Europe and North America.  (ENOHE 2015 Conference Report.)

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