July 05, 2018

San Diego State University has a New Ombuds

According to a freshly updated website, Julie Logan has been serving as the SDSU Student Ombudsman since September 2017. Marit Bressesen, who served in the role since 2008, has apparently moved to an administrative position at UC San Diego. 

Logan has worked in student affairs for more than three decades. Prior to her appointment as Student Ombuds, she was SDSU's Student Judicial Officer for 20 years. Logan is a double alum of SDSU, having earned a MA in Education with a specialization in Postsecondary Education and an emphasis in Student Affairs. (SDSU Ombuds.)


  1. SDSU hasn't participated in Cal Caucus in a while?

    1. Marit was a presenter last fall: https://ombuds-blog.blogspot.com/2017/08/cal-caucus-posts-details-of-2017.html.