July 03, 2018

Job Posting: San Manuel Band of Mission Indians

Once again, the American Indian tribe in California's Inland Empire, is searching for an Ombudsman. The full-time position is located in Highland and serve the tribe's 3,500 employees, most of whom work in a casino.
The job description generally, although not explicitly, conforms to IOA standards.  Applicants must have a master’s degree (JD preferred), workplace mediator certification (or comparable certification), and at least five years direct experience in workplace alternative dispute resolution. A salary for the position is no longer indicated; no application deadline indicated. (San Manuel Jobs.)

The program was established by Theresa Prator in 2012 and she left after about three years. The tribe then conducted a search for about two and a half years, culminating in the appointment of Jen Graf Sims in February 2018. 

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  1. It's really not hard to read between the lines here. The tribe is in So Cal and there must have been many very qualified applicants during their 2.5 year search. Then, an experienced Ombuds doesn't work out. Yes, it's our job to go into dysfunctional organizations, but something isn't right here.
    -Angry Ombuds

  2. Well, another perspective is that the last ombuds could have left on her own accord for a job that better meets her needs; one that took longer to fill but which she had already applied for...one never knows. Though it is interesting to note how very vulnerable one is as an Ombuds if our fate is decided by the person who least knows what we do (President or CEO) who can make an emotional decision rather than looking at feedback from the constituants. I have seen this happen a few times.

  3. Either way, one should apply for the ombuds position at this organization with eyes WIDE open.

  4. Happy to answer any questions on this :) Angry Ombuds is closer to right. I'd love to use that handle, Angry, if you ever give it up!