April 05, 2009

Study Concludes Large Law Firms Should Have Ombuds

A new study by the Minority Corporate Council Association concludes that large law firms need to continue their efforts to ensure that minority, female and homosexual attorneys have the same career opportunities as their white male colleagues. The study, titled "Sustaining Pathways To Diversity: The Next Steps in Understanding and Increasing Diversity & Inclusion in Large Law Firms," is the MCCA's first in-depth look at law firm diversity issues since 2003. Although law firms have made diversity issues more of a priority since then, MCCA suggests that firms proactively increase inclusion in the way attorneys experience work and life at their firms. MCCA recommends that training and definitions of discrimination be expanded to include subtle bias, and firms should have an Ombuds with whom attorneys can discuss their experiences. (LawJobs.com Career Center; MCCA.)

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