April 29, 2009

Summer Meeting and New Ombuds Workshop at NIU

The Northern Illinois University Office of the Ombudsman will host the 7th Annual Summer Meeting for University and College Ombudspersons on July 13 in DeKalb, IL. The morning session will include opening sessions such as “Listening Skills for Ombudspersons” and “Avoiding Ombuds Burn-Out.” The afternoon will include case-study breakout sessions, general discussion, and evaluation. For an additional cost, new academic Ombuds can attend an all-day workshop on Sunday, July 12. Workshop topics will include history of the profession, professional ethics and standards of practice, marketing the office, working with consultees, appropriate record-keeping, addressing trends and patterns of problematic behavior, and relationships with other campus entities. (NIU Ombuds Office and Summer Meeting Info.)

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