April 24, 2009

US News Ranks Top ADR Grad Programs

The always controversial rankings by US News & World Report are out. Within the law schools, the magazine rates the top ten programs in dispute resolution:
  1. Pepperdine (Straus)
  2. Missouri
  3. Harvard
  4. Hamline
  5. Ohio State
  6. Marquette
  7. Oregon and Yeshiva University (Cardoza) - tie
  8. UNLV
  9. Fordham
Of these programs, only Pepperdine offers Ombuds courses. On the other hand, Pepperdine closed its Ombuds office this year. Missouri, Harvard, Hamline, Marquette, Oregon, and UNLV all have campus Ombuds programs. (US News via ADR Prof Blog.)

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