August 25, 2010

Colorado College Auditions Ombuds Program

The small, private liberal arts college in Colorado Springs has appointed emeritus professor Jane Cauvel as its first Ombuds for faculty and staff. Cauvel will serve in the role on a part-time basis for one-year trial period.

The program had been debated by administrators for at least two years following the recommendation of the college's trustees. Cauvel became the first Ombuds with the endorsement of the Faculty Executive Committee earlier this year. She will report directly to the audit committee of the CC Board of Trustees. Cauvel retired from the faculty ten years ago after serving as the Philosophy Department Chair and Assistant to President and teaching Eastern philosophy, culture and comparative thought and interdisciplinary comparison of Western world views with those of Navajo, Pueblo, Hopi, and Hispanic traditions. In 2006, she co-authored Four Essays on Aesthetics: Toward a Global Perspective with Chinese dissident Li Zehou. (Colorado College Bulletin.)

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