August 13, 2010

Navy Ombudsman Creed

This week, I came across the unofficial creed of the Navy Ombuds program. Written by Gayle Brinkley, it offers an apt description of Ombuds work.

I am an Ombudsman
I am not a crutch.
But I can support you.
I am not a counselor.
But I know one.
I am not a taxi driver.
But I can steer you in the right direction.
I am not a rescuer.
But I can help save lives.
I am not a baby sitter.
But I can refer you to a caregiver.
I am not a gossiper.
But I am a great listener.
I am not an enabler.
But I can provide tools to empower you.
I am not a master of anything.
But I know many experts who understand your need.
I am not a Recreation or Health Specialist.
But I am concerned about your Morale, Welfare & Health.
I am not a busybody as I’ve been called.
But I am an Official Command Representative.
I am a Navy Family Ombudsman And I am of service to You
The Navy Family

The description is at least five years old and has been reprinted by several Navy Ombudsmen. (USNS Mercy Newsletter.)


  1. i wish my ombudsmen was nicer...i just want to kno if my husband might be able to come home for the birth of his first child...and she gave me no advice...she basically took my hope away with her really depressed..

  2. Unfortunately,Your ombudsman has no idea or authority to know if your husband will return. She is mandated by the Commanding Officer to maintain confidentiality and privacy for you. She is your liason for assistant; your link with the Command,but never to tell when a spouse will return; that could put the command's safety in jeopardy

  3. I like this. Well-written, concise, a framework for focused service. BZ. I'm ex-Navy, and I have written a creed for all veterans, any branch, male or female. » « Thanks for supporting us.