August 05, 2010

Job Posting: University of Minnesota

The 50,000-student university in Minneapolis/St. Paul is hiring a part-time Temporary Ombudsman. Applicants must have at least a bachelor's degree or four years of mediation experience. IOA Board Member Jan Morse heads the U of M Student Conflict Resolution Center, which recently hired a full-time Ombuds.

The 50% position pays $15-17/hour without benefits. Applications are due August 15. (UofM Jobs.)

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  1. I found this posting interesting and somewhat concerning in that a large post-secondary institution is looking to compensate an Ombudsman with significant experience $15-17/hour with no benefits.

    What does such a rate say about how they value the role and what kind of candidates are they likely to attract?

    I have a Conflict Management Practice in Toronto. I will be offering external Ombudsman services as part of my practice, however I would not be comfortable with the rate University of Minnesota is looking at or really anything close to that.

    I am interested to hear what others in our field think about it.

    Thanks for your time.

    Marshall Schnapp

  2. Marshall-
    I shared your concerns, but recently learned that this position is intended for a graduate student. Still that wasn't clear from the posting.