August 12, 2010

Minnesota Transportation Ombuds Follows IOA Standards

In September 2008, the Minnesota Department of Transportation appointed Deb Ledvina, an attorney who has worked for the agency for more than 16 years, to as its first Ombuds. A just-published brochure reveals that the International Ombudsman Association best practices provide a foundation for the Mn/DOT Ombuds program.

The brochure explains that the Ombuds is a neutral, informal, independent, and confidential resource for external and internal constituents with concerns about the agency. In addition,
The Ombudsman practices confidentiality to the extent possible under the Minnesota Goverment Data Practices Act, Minnesota Statute, Chapter 13. These principles, along with the best practices from the International Ombudsman Association, have been chosen as a foundation for building Mn/DOT’s Ombudsman program.
Prior to her appointment, Ledvina oversaw the general legal activities of the agency, including workers’ compensation and employee safety programs and records management. Prior to joining Mn/DOT in 1992, Ledvina was the director of a legal services agency and practiced law for a variety of non-profit organizations. She earned a JD and a master’s degree in public administration from Hamline University in St. Paul, and has completed training to be certified as a mediator. (Mn/DOT News Release; Mn/DOT Ombuds Brochure.)

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